Chicago Wedding Eiffel Tower Ice Sculpture Display

By June 22, 2014Ice Sculpture, Wedding
Chicago Wedding Eiffel Tower Ice Sculpture Display

Chicago Wedding Eiffel Tower Ice Sculpture Display

Chicago Wedding Eiffel Tower Ice Sculpture Display is perfect for celebrating weddings, anniversaries, & special events. Sculpture displays guarantee in offering a unique, beautiful, glamorous, & memorable touch to the special day. In comparison to other reception decorations, like chairs and table setting, ice sculptures are more of a great value than you would think. Ice sculptures are very versatile & can play many roles at your reception. They can be a part of the food presentation, a major attraction at a martini bar, or just a photo opportunity for your guests. We’re happy to discuss the various ways that you might be able to integrate the beauty of sculptures into your special day.

Some sculpture display ideas for weddings and anniversaries include – custom and personalized sculptures are always available:



Couple names or intial monogram


Family pet that is unable to attend

Food trays and presentations

Brides Bubbles and Bliss Blog

“We think we can all agree, we’ve had enough of the cold, but what if we could turn this treacherous element into a beautiful piece of art to be displayed on your special day? Well Johnson Studios has been making ice look nice since the late 90′s. Whether you’re looking for a tribute to your favorite New York sculpture or you’ve been dying to have a martini luge, Nate Johnson is your man! See more icy art at Brides Bubbles and Bliss 2014, March 26th 6-9 at Chicago Union Station, The Great Hall.” – Brides Bubbles & Bliss